Scandinavian interior design: Tips to Pick the Best Furniture and Decoration

The Scandinavian decor has increasingly become a favorite for many in blogs and magazines. The design focuses on functionality and simplicity, making it a great interior decor. With the best craftsmanship, the furniture and decorations make a great addition to any home. Below is a quick guide to help you choose the best Scandinavian furniture and decoration for your home.

Modern furniture

Modern furniture provides a good contrast with ornate architectural details. Opt for more furniture such as swan chairs and tulip tables as they make space look more organic. Clean lines are the best alternative for Scandinavian interior design. Chairs and sofas with mid-century design with round edges are innovative and functional. The furniture needs to blend well with the existing space for a great modern look.

Good lighting

Lighting is important for any typical Scandinavian design. Daylight is temporary especially during winter months where plenty of people spend their time indoors. It is essential to have different types of lighting to provide a cozy environment and a great mood. Candlelight is also vital because it provides a good flow to any room which makes it comfortable to stay indoors. For more inspiration check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design” on

Incredible art

Colorful multiple graphic arts are often found in Scandinavian interiors mostly in form of botanical prints. Living elements that have beauty and color are also important in the Scandinavian Style. Fresh flowers are a necessity. Tulips of different colors arranged in bouquets make any space look desirable. Consider brass and copper pendants to add more shine to a room.


Blacks, browns, grays, and whites are interwoven together to create a calm and clean look. You can choose colors that pop such as rich sea greens and dusty pinks for added accents. Don’t be afraid to show off the wood. Coat it with a grey oil to take away the yellow color found in wood such as oak and pine. Wood is not only used for flooring but also serves a decorative purpose on chairs, coffee, and dining tables. Decorating a home using Scandinavian interior design requires a lot of planning and innovation. It is best for you to identify furniture and decorations that will make your space look appealing and comfortable. Before you throw away any items, identify those that will add elegance.

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