5 Decorative Tips for a Modern Retro Living Room

It’s time to go retro with 1950s interior designs. Plush fabrics, bold colours, vintage furniture and chic patterns will give your living room a serene space that’s is lively. Make your living room fashionable by applying the following retro tips;

Retro Textures

Retro decorating textures are the best and very bold. They involve smooth plastics, crushed velvet, shag carpeting and soft vinyl that will give your room a chic texture creating a special virtual interest.


On lighting, you choose from floor lambs with tasselled or square colours to kindle your room. You can also go for a colourful drape chandelier if you like, which has a hanging cord decorated from one hook to another. This one uses a wall socket to supply the lighting.

Bold Colours

There are different blond retro colours to choose from according to your likings. They include avocado green, mustard yellow, white, black, red, brown, hot pink, purple, etc. With items in your living from these retro colours, like patterns, paints, and fabrics, you got a retro décor that’s fashionable.

Retro furniture and diacritics

A stylish decoration isn’t complete without retro furniture and accents. On flooring, you can either choose a blend of tiles, shag carpeting or natural woods. While on fittings, there are plenty of choices, including skate tables, door beads, scoop stools and hairy throw rugs. You can also add art pictures and still get a lively look.

Retro furniture

Retro furniture has a colourful and attractive feel. Their dinner stools, sofas and chairs are flamboyant with throw pillows that will give your living room a distinctive seating for your family and guests.

Go retro!

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